Hay y’all 💁
It’s my birthday.
My Valentine is better than your Valentine. Even from a distance.
If this isn’t the most amazing scarf you’ve ever seen, then you’re wrong. THANK YOU EMILY!
Happy 2nd day of classes
The quote unquote “Martha Stewart’s daughter” outfit hahahah.
So today in metalsmithing, this guy named Kyle comes up to me and asks me to take a picture with him. He says “You seriously just have to take a picture with me, you’re such a beast!” We take the picture and he walks away happily asking for my Instagram and says to himself “She’s like Martha Stewart’s daughter or something!” Apparently this translates to “I love the way you dress.” Look at us. So stylish. Also I am laughing at this right now because of how crooked my glasses are. 
Also here is me from before the art auction. I look about 6 and a half feet tall. I’m really not I promise. The art department made sooo much money auctioning off donated artwork. I wish I wasn’t broke so I could have bought ALL the prints. Sigh.

Too tired to handle Friday night bye
Hurr did.
not a model i swear
hi its election day and I don’t have class!
well since tumblr hasnt seen me lately.