Do you ever find yourself wondering what you could have possibly done to earn such bad karma? Either that or wondering if it is actually karma or just that you have all the shit luck in life all at one time?

My Valentine is better than your Valentine. Even from a distance.

in bed, in the dark, drinking coffee. its thundering. i like it.

my boyfriend loves me so much that whenever he sees a cat walking around anywhere when he’s out, he sends me a picture of it.

I just tried to launch myself into my bed using my stool as leverage and it collapsed. I flew backwards and landed on my ass sprawled across the floor. My shin is bleeding. Good night.

"20 degrees outside, feels like 9 degrees" DEAR GOD

Y’all I don’t even know what day it is. < 6 of sleep is killing me. Aaaaanwkrkforkenfnskwkrnenwbangkrown

Had my first 8 am Intro to Photography class this morning. We had to introduce ourselves and talk about ourselves and there was only 15 other people and I felt like I just wanted to crawl into a hole.  Words cannot express how much I loathe public speaking of any nature.   Could I be any more awkward? Probs not.  The class should be good though, I’m excited.

ok yall since i’m back at school after a wonderful entire month at home, i can resume my daily activities of watching as many movies as my eyes can stay open for and reblogging cat photos. just a warning. class at 8:30 kill me bye

tonight, I was at my boyfriend’s house hanging out with him and his parents.  His dad calls me over to show me something on his laptop.  He had taken a sticky note I had written to my boyfriend and stuck on his laptop and scanned it onto his computer. it said

"I love you.
 I love you.
 I love you.
 I miss you.

it made me smile :). his dad saves everything. 

Pretty sure Channing Tatum and I have similar outlooks on my 8 AM bio final tomorrow.

and today I learned how not to metalsmith. this includes heating up a piece of metal that has a direct attachment to an aventurine stone. conclusion being the stone gets paler and cracked. lovely. now my piece is going to look like shit. I AM SO DONE WITH METALSMITHING I WILL NEVER TAKE ANOTHER METALSMITHING CLASS AGAIN EVEN IF MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT I AM SO FUCKING DONE

Today I had class from 10:30-5.  Midway through the day I figured out I did an entire in-class graphic design project wrong.  I redid it in an hour. I honestly have no earthly idea how I have made it through an entire day of classes without consuming any food without passing out. I forgot to pack any snacks and I have no breaks in between classes.  So I am effectively dead on my feet goodbye forever while I enjoy my first meal of the day aka holiday meal from the dining hall that actually tastes good and I have eggnog bye

i post 10 times more photos of hot women on my blog than I post photos of hot men.