okay before the VS Fashion Show starts, can I say that being skinny is not necessarily unhealthy…. because every year, so many people go on and on about the VS Models and how they’re unhealthy and don’t eat and “who would want to be that skinny anyway” blah blah blah etc etc…. some women are actually naturally skinny and can’t do anything about it.  Some women are naturally are curvier and can’t do anything about it.  One isn’t better than the other, being either one doesn’t make you better than another woman. I am naturally a twig and I don’t have a lot of curves. So does that mean I don’t ever eat? If you know me, you know thats a big fat no.  And if a woman is curvier, does that mean she’s unhealthy and should lose weight? No. /end rant/ but really…. I love the VS Fashion show and will be girl crushing on every single one of the models. Miranda Kerr…. omg

Should I color my giant Christmas coloring book and watch Arthur Christmas or should I color my giant Christmas coloring book and watch Arthur Christmas????

I miss elementary school and having Christmas parties.  And watching “Oliver, the Other Reindeer” and everyone trading candy from their goodie bags and everyone’s cute Christmas outfits and hair bows.  Why can’t we just do that instead of class in college…..

so since I’m not allowed to light and burn candles in my dorm room, I have this candle melter, right?  So I’m melting this mini s’mores candle from bath and body works.  I had in plugged in under my desk and the cord was in front of the pull out drawer thats under where I put my laptop.  I violently pulled out this drawer in a fit of “i-dont-want-to-do-psychology-homework” rage and caused a shit storm of wax to just fly absolutely everywhere. it went from the thigh of my leggings to the collar of my shirt and into my hair. Ever had to melt candle wax out of your hair? because I have. its not fun. 

no class today, slept in, just woke up, scrolling through tumblr, enjoying a cup of coffee, ahhhhhh, happy friday :)

So today in metalsmithing, this guy named Kyle comes up to me and asks me to take a picture with him. He says “You seriously just have to take a picture with me, you’re such a beast!” We take the picture and he walks away happily asking for my Instagram and says to himself “She’s like Martha Stewart’s daughter or something!” Apparently this translates to “I love the way you dress.” Look at us. So stylish. Also I am laughing at this right now because of how crooked my glasses are. 

seriously laughing so hard in my dorm room by myself at my new avi. WHAT HAVE I DONE HHAHAHAH

cant even be on tumblr right now because gossip girl spoilers

aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh I’m not even tired but I have to be up in 7 hours and I can’t sleep!

hello lovely people who actually read my text posts. I am back at school and I am too tired to even move or eat. don’t make me go to class tomorrow. I just cannot handle three more weeks of school. i just want to go to sleep and wake up and it be christmas break. you feel me?

SO BUSY HAVENT CHECKED TUMBLR IN LIKE FOUR DAYS AND I DONT EVEN WANT TO SO IM JUST WRITING THIS. i am hacking off some of my hair tomorrow morning THANK LAWD JEEBUZ i cant take it much longer okay bye

I can always count on Emily to make me feel better.  Because she makes bitches cry. I’m still laughing omg

I dreamt about baking chocolate chip cookies. I shit you not. 😍🍪

Also here is me from before the art auction. I look about 6 and a half feet tall. I’m really not I promise. The art department made sooo much money auctioning off donated artwork. I wish I wasn’t broke so I could have bought ALL the prints. Sigh.

talked to my academic advisor today. found out that the one day (friday) i was saving to sleep in (because my first class on fridays wouldn’t start till 11:30) is no longer an option. I will have class at 8:30 monday and wednesday and class at 8:00 tuesday thursday and friday. I can barely get up for my 8 AM two days a week class right now.  i think i may die. someone halp. DEATH BY ART DEGREE